COVID-19 Action Plan

  1. RBI Factory will remain open and follow the guidelines as they are set forth by the Governor. We will abide by the recommendations of the State and CDC in making any decisions about the operations of RBI Factory.
  2. RBI Factory’s main goal is for the safety of the guests and staff that use the facility. We want to try and maintain as much normalcy for the players and allow them to continue to train during this pandemic. To do this, we will need to limit the number of the people entering and exiting the facility.
  3. Hours of Operation:
    • Monday – Friday 4pm – 9pm
    • Saturday 7am – 9pm
    • Sunday 8am – 8pm
  4. Any individual or team using the facility MUST BRING THEIR OWN BALLS TO USE for their session. RBI will no longer be supplying balls until further notice. Balls can be purchased via the RBI Factory website
  5. ONLY Coaches, players and instructors WILL BE ALLOWED In the facility this sports season. Parents and spectators will need to remain in their vehicles and/or practice social distancing in the parking lot.
  6. If coming in for a general public cage rental, we ask that it be just the player and the parent/coach that will be training the athlete. No additional family members will be permitted inside the facility.
  7. The lobby area will only be available for coaches, players and instructors. Parents are NOT allowed into the lobby area.
  8. Anyone entering the facility MUST be wearing a mask per the instruction of the Governor. Masks must be worn when outside the netted areas. Please where when walking in/out of the facility and when changing locations with the building and any other time that players cannot social distance.
  9. Please remember to try and social distance at all times.
  10. All waiver forms MUST be filled out online. Please ensure that your player and/or team has this completed prior to the first rental and/or practice. If you are unsure, please contact Cassi at
  11. We do ask that players try and limit the amount of equipment they are bringing in to the facility. If only coming in to hit, please bring in only the necessary equipment. We do understand that at times, bat bags may need to be brought in. We ask that players keep their bat bags spaced apart and try to keep all their equipment out of contact with other players.
  12. Athletes may be asked to wait in the lobby if the facility is full and can enter upon other athletes leaving the facility.
  13. RBI Factory reserves the right to ask any athlete, person or instructor to leave the facility if they believe that they are a potential health risk to others.


  1. All rental fees must be paid in full prior to use of the facility.
  2. Waiver must be completed for all players using the facility. If the player in under the age of 18, the parent or guardian MUST sign the waiver.
  3. Please respect the facility and the other clients using the facility.
  4. Adults are responsible for the players while they are in the facility.
  5. No cleats or spikes allowed, only turf shoes or closed toed tennis shoes.
  6. Facility is under security surveillance at all times.
  7. NO food or drinks INSIDE the netted areas.
  8. NO chewing gum or sunflower seeds within the netted areas.
  9. No tobacco, alcohol or drugs are allowed within the facility or on the grounds of the facility.
  10. Please pick up the areas that you rented and put back to the state they were in when you entered.
  11. Please be punctual for your rentals. We do run on a schedule and additional time will not be added to rentals.
  12. No climbing on the nets.
  13. Use only designated entry and exits for the cages and the facility.
  14.  Management is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  15. Management will not tolerate any vandalism or violence against any property or person.
  16. Management reserves the right to change and/or modify any of the rules at any given time.